Life by the Slice

In my world of professional coaching, one of the core skills vital to the process is to be fully present with the client(s).  To do that, I must be mindful of my surroundings, quiet the chatter in my brain, and practice intentional listening. That blocks distractions that might prevent me from being present in the… Continue reading Life by the Slice

Stand On Your Story: Living4ward In Spite of Life

“They didn’t teach me how to deal with this in seminary.”  That was the statement made by a missionary friend when her supervisor asked her to confront a homeless woman outside their center talking to herself and removing all her clothes.  She managed to connect with the woman, wrap a blanket around her and walk… Continue reading Stand On Your Story: Living4ward In Spite of Life

Stand On Your Story – Feedback

After the Stand On Your Story retreat/workshop on Sept. 12, one participant wrote: "Just finished a great retreat/workshop with Jane Bishop where we learned how to leverage who we are with reinforced confidence to live forward." In their own words... Most Useable Success Strategy "New story." "Validation that I am on the right track because I… Continue reading Stand On Your Story – Feedback