Soul Care (Part 1)

"The soul has often been deemed integral or essential to consciousness and personality, and may be synonymous with spirit, mind or self."  And yet, many in today's culture have little time to nurture their soul.  The noise of each person's life has somehow become a necessity and often drowns out the heart cry of the… Continue reading Soul Care (Part 1)


Necessary Endings

The beginning of a new year is time for a fresh start with new opportunities and a new focus.  One common approach to capitalize on a new year is to simply design what to begin or restart.  Little thought, however,  is given to what must be ended.  “Great is the art of the beginning, but greater… Continue reading Necessary Endings

Reactivating Your Passion

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward." - Kierkegaard Lance Wubbels has captured the essence of the "live life forward" idea with these simple but powerful affirmations: From this moment forward...I stop the blame game and excuses.  I am responsible for my life and for where I am today.  I cannot blame the… Continue reading Reactivating Your Passion