I Don’t Want To!

Recently, I had one of those “I don’t want to” days.  I had begun my day with certain plans and when they were derailed, I visited the “I don’t want to” camp!  It was to be the first day in some time that I had space not to be on a schedule and I was looking forward to accomplishing projects on the “want to do” list.  The derailment was a revisit to a business to adjust a repair, so it was not major.  However, in that moment on that day, it was a major mindset shift!

Through the years, this mindset of “I don’t want to” generally shows up after a long period of imbalance between structure, responsibilities and play or free time.  Thankfully, they don’t show up often.  As a child, when they showed up, I had loving parents to redirect my mindset whether I wanted to or not!

In this recent mood, as some would call it, I muddled with it most of the day.  It gave me pause to remember how I deal with it when this shows up.  Anyone who knows me personally and perhaps through these writings may find it interesting I even have such mindsets.  I am by nature and choice a positive, living4ward person.  However, that does not imply there are no side journeys into other mindsets.  The key is to keep the side journeys brief.

I want to share what I have learned and hope it will be an encouragement.  If these don’t work for you, that’s ok.  Find what does.

  • Acknowledge the mindset exists. Refrain from attempting to “talk yourself out of the mood.”
  • Allow your mind to stay in that space briefly. In other words, don’t allow it to camp out or set up a nice lovely home!
  • Do something out of the norm. For example, on this recent occasion, I went to a local café and had a homemade pimento and cheese sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup.  Then, I drove down the road and chased it with a waffle cone sundae!  Comfort foods!
  • Give yourself permission to be out of sync. We are, after all, human and imperfect!
  • Have fun with your mindset. Related to this recent experience, I posted on FB “What do you do when you have an “I don’t want to” day? And I shared the photos. Fun and laughter is good physiologically as it produces endorphins.
  • Learn what triggers your different mindsets. When you become aware of the triggers, you can find solutions, coping skills, etc.
  • Allow yourself to go with the ebb and flow…temporarily. Again, refuse to allow the mindset to camp out!

Next time you are in the space of “I don’t want to,” acknowledge it and apply what works for you!  And if you would appreciate some help in the process, consider working with me as your coach.  As your coach, I will come alongside you and provide encouragement, accountability, advocacy and fun so you can achieve your objective.

What is your “I don’t want to” story?  Share it with me at jane@takethenextstepcct.com.  Be sure and put My I don’t want to story in the subject line.  Keep living4ward!


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