Change It Up!

There is a pitch in baseball known as the “changeup.”  It is an off speed pitch that is thrown to look like a fastball but it arrives at the plate slower.  “If thrown correctly, the changeup will confuse the batter because the human eye cannot discern that the ball is coming significantly slower until it is around 30 feet from the plate.”


Sometimes when we are trying to reactivate our passion, we need to confuse our minds by doing something out of routine; i.e. throw our mind a changeup pitch!  I was reminded of this on a recent Saturday.  At one point in my life, one of my favorite enjoyment activities for Saturday mornings was to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, and read the paper at the table or outside on the patio (weather permitting).   I could not recall the last time I had done that.  Saturdays had morphed into nothing different from Monday-Friday.


How I was reminded began with mowing the lawn and a birthday party.  (Stay with me a few more sentences!) Due to the many days of rain, my yard was overdue for a blade cut.  On the Friday night before this “change it up” Saturday, I was thinking through the timeline for the next day:   yard, shopping, and attend a birthday celebration for a 90-year-old friend.  I knew it would be mid-morning before the lawn was dry enough to cut. To make the most use of the day, I decided I would get up, go out to breakfast and arrive at the store when it opened.  By the time I would return home, I could then mow the yard.


This simple plan set an entirely different tone for my day!  I was energized, excited, and encouraged about the day.  It was suddenly not the same old Saturday.  I had confused my mind by throwing it a changeup!  It was then I was reminded of how I had allowed my Saturdays to morph into nothing distinctive.  I have since worked on changing up my Saturdays and am enjoying the results!


Change is good!

  • What needs a changeup pitch in your life?
  • How will you execute the changeup?
  • How has the noise of life squelched your passion?
  • Will you manage change or will it manage you?


Live4ward today!


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