“A Dose of Jane”

In June, I had the opportunity to be interviewed live on the What Women Want LATalk Radio Show hosted by Judy Goss and co-host Kristin West. The theme was “Going After Your It!” (Listen to show here: http://latalkradio.com/content/what-women-want).  It was a fun and energetic conversation with Judy and Kristin.  Near the end of the interview, Kristin remarked, “you have such an infectious energy. If we need a dose of Jane, how do we find you?”  

“A dose of Jane” resonated with me as it describes my approach with life in a creative way. And those who know me know I am all about thinking outside the box!  If there is a skill, tool, lesson or resource in my portfolio of life experiences that can help someone achieve their objective, I want to share it.  I strive to listen, learn and connect with others, so if a “dose of Jane” would be helpful, I offer to connect. However, I still hesitated to communicate this to anyone.

My friend Kim helped put this in perspective a few days later when she called to catch up.  She will text or call periodically with “I need to hear a little of Jane.” Our conversations are encouraging and energizing and I always have more in my tank when we complete our phone visit. In sharing the radio show comment with her, she jumped on it immediately, commenting how our conversations are meaningful to her and agreed that was a great description.  And I quickly said to her, “and it’s always good to get a dose of Kim!”

Since the interview and conversation with Kim, I have been doing some internal Janestorming!  The reality is, the way we live life determines what “doses” we give others. The better reflection might be to consider what are we giving others a dose of?  In the book How Full is Your Bucket?, the authors use an invisible bucket and dipper to describe how “even the briefest interactions affect relationships, productivity, health and longevity.” Interactions with others either fill our bucket or drain our bucket. “Whenever we choose to fill others’ buckets, we in turn fill our own.” I want to be a bucket filler more often than a bucket drainer.  And if a “dose of Jane” can do that, I’m all in with the phrase!

You have your own doses to share! Each person is uniquely created and gifted. Consider your characteristics, gifts, skills, and core values.  Who would benefit from a dose of you?  And then consider, who is in your life that you go to for a “dose of ___?”  Only YOU can give out a dose of YOU! What are others missing by not getting a dose of you? “You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.” (John Mason)

I invite you to share a dose of YOU by leaving a comment.  And if a “dose of Jane” would be an effective resource for you, let’s connect.  


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