Sweat Equity

According to Wikipedia, “sweat equity is a term used to describe the contribution made to a project by people who contribute their time and effort.”  I was reminded of this recently after a session at the gym!  It was one of those “all out, sweat pouring” workouts! I made a contribution to a “project”, i.e. workout, and experienced the reward of exhilaration, satisfaction and contributing to my overall well-being!

As I left the gym, I begin to mentally brainstorm….how does this apply to life? Working with others? Leadership? Management?  Perhaps a better question is… how often does a person consider the level of investment in proportion to the outcome?  I often state in training and consulting environments the following:  “The level of benefit you experience will be partially determined by your level of investment.”  My fitness level is determined by the amount of time and energy I invest.  That application can also be connected with leadership, supervision, life balance, etc.  I pose the following questions for your own mental brainstorming session!

What next steps are necessary for you to increase your level of investment in one area of your life?  How can you be a more effective leader with a different level of sweat equity?  What results can you experience by more intentional contributions?  What are your goals? What investments are you making to realize the goals?  How can the services of Take the Next Step help you attain your goals?

Pat Summitt, head coach of the Tennessee Women’s Basketball team has said, “Everyday you’ve got to get better and you’ve got to be invested.  A National Championship is the goal—but one game at a time.”

What will it take to renew your level of investment today?


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