On a recent Saturday, outdoor conditions were good for another step in my preparation to participate in a 10K on July 4.  Temperature was mild and humidity was high.  So I “geared up” for a 5.6 mile outdoor run:  water bottle belt, loose clothing, energy gel and stop watch.  As I took the first step, I pressed the start function on my watch and my workout began.   At two miles my pace and breathing were not in a “rhythm” and I begin to think whether I would still go the full distance.   I started using some of my self-initiated  “keep going”  techniques I learned  as a basketball/softball player.    Self talk….I can do this….a few more steps…..breathe deeply…..I can do this!   At several points along the route, I could have quit; stopped; turned back; reversed direction.   But my choice was to keep going!

It was my choice to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  It was my choice to continue though my muscles were tiring.  It was my choice to go the distance!   Napoleon Hill has said…..“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”  Had my choice on that day been to quit, I would have missed the reward, physically and emotionally, of accomplishing the goal!  I would have missed the sights and sounds along the way.  I would have missed the great release of endorphins! I would have missed the reward that was released by refusing to quit!

Choice!  A powerful life skill we all possess!  A powerful skill we often underestimate.  We make choices each day; consciously and subconsciously.  The choices we make shape a moment, a day, a ministry, a job, a relationship. How will you use this life skill today?   What reward will you experience by refusing to quit?  It’s your choice!


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