very nearly but not exactly or entirely”

2063049377DSCN1076What picture is inserted in your mind… an incomplete project, unfinished business or near disaster?  Perhaps it prompts feelings of inadequacy, failure or just short of reaching a goal. There are many “almost” pictures in my mental gallery!  As a junior at Ft. Hamilton High School in Brooklyn, NY, I was a member of the school bowling team.  During the year, we participated in a major tournament at Madison Square Gardens.  I almost bowled a total score that would have resulted in my name being engraved on a plaque in the Gardens.  I almost bowled a 300 game.  I almost finished in the top five of all participants.  The number I missed all three of those categories: 6! My teammates and I didn’t dwell on the “almost” in a disappointing manner!  We chose to make it fun.  On the return home, we boarded the 6th car of the subway, counted 6 steps to a door, sat in the 6th seat…..!  You get the picture!  Rather than focusing on what was not achieved, I chose to focus on what was achieved and challenged myself to improve for the next tournament.

Return to the picture that was inserted in your mind as your eyes read “almost.”  Where is your focus? What does it say about your viewpoint?  Attitude? Does the focus hold you back or move you forward?  What steps can you take to move from “almost attaining” to “I’ve got it”?  Take The Next Step offers coaching services that can help you achieve “I’ve got it!”  For more information, email your request to   (And yes! The picture is the actual bowling bag and ball from the “almost” experience!)


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